Marijuana Debunked
Ed Gogek, M.D.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:     The One-Sided Debate

Chapter 2:    What We’ve Heard So Often, We Often Believe

Chapter 3:    What Research Tells Us About Teenage Use

Chapter 4:    Marijuana And Driving

Chapter 5:    Schizophrenia

Chapter 6:    Is Marijuana Addictive—And Should We Care?

Chapter 7:    Why Marijuana Gets Off Easy

Chapter 8:    Teenagers Make Good Decisions About Drugs, If We Do

Chapter 9:    Legalization increases use

Chapter 10:  The Fictitious War On Marijuana

Chapter 11:  “Medical” Marijuana Makes Liars Of Us All

Chapter 12:  The Real Costs

Chapter 13:  Alcohol Vs. Marijuana: A Meaningless Debate

Chapter 14:  The Third Way: Recovery-Based Policies

Chapter 15:  The Answer To Drug Cartels

Chapter 16:  The Irrevocable Decision: Creating A Marijuana Industry

Chapter 17:  The News Media’s Love Affair With Marijuana

Chapter 18:  Pro-Marijuana Experts Are Often Wrong

Chapter 19:  Why Are Pro-Marijuana Editorials So Inaccurate?

Chapter 20:  How The Entertainment Media Promotes Marijuana

Chapter 21:   U.S. Political Parties and Marijuana

Chapter 22:  How An Addiction Specialist Might See the Legalization Movement

Chapter 23:  What Legalization Would Unleash

Chapter 24:  The Fork In The Road